Arrow keys (or WASD) to move, space bar to hide with interactable objects. Space bar can also skip the cutscenes if you get the downloadable file version.

Huge shoutout to Sebastian_Whyte who was the composer for the music! Check out this guys stuff if you get a chance! Incredible stuff


Had a difficult time with posting this game in HTML browser for some reason. I had some cutscenes that had to be cut to work on HTML. If you want the definitive version and want to play the game the way it was intended please try the downloadable file version! The downloadable game has the cutscenes that work (I think I did Windows correct, but I know I did Mac right and the cutscenes work). If you don't care about the cutscenes, the HTML has the core game mechanics! I mean it's Really only two cutscenes that last a total of maybe 1- 2 minutes, but I worked hard on those cutscenes and I want you to enjoy my hard work dangit!!! 

Enjoy this awesome game that was created during the Scream Jam 2020. Had an awesome time with it! Tried several new things with this gam jam for the first time including cutscenes, using scriptable objects, I made a game trailer for the jam! Our music man made some incredible music! Really proud of what we were able to accomplish with this game. I know the animations on the main character are a little goofy and I would have liked to have added more decorations to the house and more enemies to the house, but you know... Time! Still learning just like everyone else. Hope you enjoy the game! rate it and tell us what you like!


Download 24 MB
Download 24 MB


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Fun game, I enjoyed running around and hiding everywhere. Also loved running away from the guy in the halls lol, felt good to lose him by hiding in a closet. Nice work !!

Fun short game, good effort for the scream jam, well done! How long have you been using unity for? What do you think of it?

Thank you! I began making games I want to say in May maybe. So maybe 5-6 months? I'm certaintly not practicing with it everyday, but I would say it's a pretty solid game developing tool! Lots of power with using C# to write behaviors for your game